10 Most Inspirational Quotes from The Dhoni Touch Book

10 Most Inspirational Quotes from The Dhoni Touch Book

Who doesn’t adore or simple love the name MS Dhoni?

For more than a decade, he has made everyone fall for him with his brilliant skills as captain, wicketkeeper, batsman and even as a magnanimous human-being.

The Dhoni Touch by Bharat Sundaresan is an amazing book unravelling the enigma that is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. I have tried to bring the 10 most valuable lines from the book which I felt important while reading it. I would suggest to read the entire book to know what lies behind Captain Cool’s calm and unflappable façade.

  1. Woh iss cheez mein manta hai ki sabko saath leke aage chalna hai. (He believes in taking everyone forward.)
  2. If he decided that he had to do something, woh karna hi hai (he would definitely do it).
  3. He realized that the more tense you are, the more nervous you get and your performance gets affected.
  4. Mahi’s nature is that he doesn’t do bad things to anybody. Even if someone wrongs him in any way, the worst Mahi will do is stop talking to them.
  5. He was a kid who ‘never indulged in gossip’. (By Mahi’s teacher)
  6. Mahal mein rehna bhi pata hai, aur chote se kamre mein bhi. Jab nahi tha, waise hi tha. Jab bahut hai, waisa hi hai. (He knows how to live in a palace and also in a small room. When he didn’t have anything, he was like that. Now when he has a lot, he’s still like that.)
  7. He feels it’s about leadership and not showmanship.
  8. It’s just a case of him ‘not bothering about anything that doesn’t affect him’.
  9. ‘ Whenever he comes home for food, he doesn’t bring his phone along.’ reveals one of his friend.
  10.  “Teri hasi gayee nahi hai. (Your smile has not vanished.)” said his friend. Mahi replied, “Dil saaf hai, hasne mein problem kya hai? (The heart is clean, so why can’t I smile?).

Each and every sentence has a deeper meaning. I hope you liked this blog. If you wish to buy this book, I have added the link below.

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