Healthy balance in a women’s lifestyle

Healthy balance in a women’s lifestyle

Today’s women in their 30’s and above face numerous responsibilities such as caring for families, looking after young children and elders while managing a full time career. It is worrying trend that we see such large increase in the number of middle aged women experiencing physical problems like bum-knees , tricky back, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and dementia and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

Ladies, keep the goal to stay strong and agile as you age, so that you will be more able do the things you enjoy and less likely to need help. Exercise not just improve your physical health, it can also boost memory and help you maintain your independence and your way of life.

We should understand the necessity to maintain physical activity in a day to day life, even if there are some limitations(such as arthritis).We should try to do at least 30 minutes of moderate intense activity.(e.g. Moderate paced walking) most preferably on all days of the week. Studies say that workers live longer. The risk of death for workers was specially lower from cancer. Walking reduces risk of heart disease and stroke, boost brain power etc. Similarly, weight training increases bone mass at any age and improves heart function, lowers diabetic risk, controls blood pressure etc. Weight lifting helps your muscle adapt to the stress of weight lifting by becoming bigger and stronger, your bones also adapt and build bone tissues which helps  in fighting osteoporosis which is one f the biggest age related disease. So, ladies don’t fall into the trap where people say that weight training will make you bulk and you will lose your feminine look. It will just make you look way stronger and toned that you can ever imagine. Remember your body can do wonders!

Prefer a diet that is low in saturated fat , contains more grain based food(eg.dalia,millets,ragi,wheat0 as well as fruits and vegetables rich in calcium and zinc. Eat more fiber. Fiber not only fills you up but also helps keep your blood sugar and energy levels even, and it’s great for lowering cholesterol and improving your overall health. High dietary intakes of vitamin A ,C and E are associated with lower breast cancer rates. And always avoid very low fat diet and quick weight loss diet as they can reduce lean body mass and promote weight regain. The rate of weight loss need to be gradual(ideal weight loss per month is 4-5kg)

To maintain a well balanced healthy lifestyle, we need a healthy state of mind too. Physical activity is known o reduce depression , anxiety etc, an healthy diet is the key to physiological wellbeing (E.g. Eating breakfast regularly improves mood and memory, increases energy and promote feelings of calmness). Nutrition, physical activity, mood and wellbeing in women are integrally related and must be addressed by individual women and by the community to prevent avoidable disease and maximize the quality of life.

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